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Total Car (Hungarian) Video Reviews of E60 M5 & M6

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Hope this is not a repeat. Under the thread Reviews of the E60 M5 there is a reference to a written review by Total Car in Hungary. On their website there are two videos of road and track tests for TV2. One is of the E60 M5. It is 9 minutes 40 secs long using Microsoft Media Player. Go to and select BMW M5 10:40. The second is the M6. It is 9 min 42 secs long. Go to and select BMW M6 10:42.

The person doing the review points out the features of the car and then drives it on the track. On the M5 looks like a test of LC. The guy riding shotgun is taking the video and looks like he is having trouble keeping the camera steady while being rocked back in the seat as the car goes thru the gears.

Must admit I did not understand a word he said, but I bet it was pretty good.