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Hello everybody...

As I found nowhere to purchase/rent an S38 Torque Plate I asked a local motorsport shop to build me one. I am willing to rent this plate to any fellow board member to try to offset my investment. I won't be using the Plate for a while.

They used a Faro Arm to measure an S38 Head and translated this points into a CAD model and then to a 4 Axis Haas Machine. This plate has the exact dimensions of the S38 head, simulating it as well as possible.

The plate is made of 7075 Aluminium (high strenght) T6 treated
The spacers are made of 4130 Steel

I am looking for 175€ + shipping for 1 month of net use (excluding shipping). I believe this to be fair.
All will be shipped in a wooden crate, which weight I will determine if there is any interest (not yet built).

This plate is suited for B36 and B38 engines and should be used with a headgasket.

Here are the parts:

Any comments/suggestions appreciated.
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