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Long time client brought in his e30 M3 Evo Sport. It had been imported earlier this year but sat in storage for a few months before it made it's way over to us, hence it looking quite dusty in the first pic.

Once brought over client said "give it whatever it needs". After the initial wash we came to the realization that it had already been paint corrected and coated most likely by the previous owner. So we decided to just give it a Basic In & Out detail.

Hope you enjoy the pics on this rare classic!


Cleaning the wheels

Cleaning inside the gas cap as well

2 Bucket Method car wash only

Claybarring the paint, and as you can see the water beading is already very strong

Drying off with a plush microfiber towel

Measuring the paint for the clients records

Machine waxing with a ceramic combatible wax

Tire dressing

Cleaning the windows

And the finished product

I LOVE the dtm spoiler

And some quick shots of the interior

Dog leg shifter

And just to make it official

41 - 44 of 44 Posts