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I have fled a cold Sweden for a special trip to the south of Germany.
It’s not the weather that draws me, but a longed-for visit to the Hockenheim race track where the legendary Porsche tuner RUF is holding their driver’s training.

RUF owners from all over the world have gathered. Some have even flown in their cars from around the world. On stage is for instance 2 Carrera GT, a race-prepped RUF GT2 on slicks, RUF BTR, GT3 RS, Porsche Supercup, a couple of R Turbos, RUF 3400S…too many cars to list them all. In total there’s about 40 cars so excuse me for not counting the total number of horsepowers. Since I’m Swedish I take a special note that the box besides us is occupied by a Koenigsegg CCR. Apparently there for the sport auto Supertest as it was seen on Nürburgring a couple of days later.
The day begins with training of the different sections, then a superb lunch followed by free driving around Hockenheim.
The Carrera GT V10s howl and had I closed my eyes I would have mistaken this for a Formula 1 race. Despite the GTs brute force it is not the fastest car on track. Instead it’s the RUF GT2 that keeps a surrealistic pace. I can’t imagine myself driving that fast on a race track! Well, the rest of the participants aren’t exactly holding back either. Could it be the prices for best driver that challenges?

RUF has just brought a compressor kit for the 996 and 997 Carrera to the market.
Increasing the performance with about 60 hp this gives close to Turbo-performance in a Carrera. One of RUF’s test drivers, a.k.a. Mr. Böse (Mr. Angry after his driving technique…),
offers me a product demonstration in a 996 C2 Compressor. After a couple of laps (actually after the first turn) around Hockenheim Ring it is clear that this man know how to drive a Porsche! Had I not know better, my guess would be that he’s trying to destroy the car. But everything holds together, and we pass lap after lap in warp speed. Mr. Angry likes to drive wide, and I sure don’t mind. This is entertainment on a high level and it’s a delight to see this man control the car! A new dimension opens. In one of the bends we drift like h*ll and I think “he lost it,” but a frantic use of the steering wheel and the gas pedal combined with laughter apparently saves us (I still can’t understand how he did it)
The RUF C2 is completely stock except for a lowering kit and the compressor.
The acceleration to 200 km/h is in the 15 second range (3.4l). Obviously an interesting investment for any Carrera owners how wants that extra. Why not surprise a 996 Turbo owner at the next track event? :D

Worth noting as well are the conversions for the Boxster. The Aerokit transforms this, in my opinion, a bit boring car into something really special. And with the 911 engine under the hood it’s sure to bring unpleasant surprises to competitors.

A couple of links.

I hope you enjoyed my story and my pictures.
I also drove the RUF R Turbo, but that’s another story…
Erik B

2 x Carrera GT and a lot of other cars.

RUF makes the Boxstern complete. GT3 Aerokit and rims are wonderful. 911-engine too!

Carrera GT on its way out.

Different, but nice paint. Purple to blue. A perfect shopping car for the visit to Harrods or Bond Street.

Mr. Alois RUF

Tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fast for me!!!

Something for allan as well :D
Lamborghini Diablo GT. 80 st. were made, 79 st. still left.
This is number 28.

Original story on with all pics

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Great write-up, Erik, and thanks for those outstanding pictures. :M5thumbs:

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Thanks for the write up and the pics. I enjoyed reading your post.
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