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Took M5 delivery

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I took delivery of my silverstone/ black exclusive, on wednsday. I just have to add to the list that it is an exceptional car. Wow, it is really great car. It is completly different from my M3. Thanks for answering all my questions on the car over the months.
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SkipV, i would be interested to know what are the differences you noticed betw the two cars, the good and bad pts of each other.
I know M3 (320 HP) are as fast as M5 until 200 kph (i tested it). Do you feel better the speed with the M3 ? At low rpms, does the M3 have a big torque too ?
I have the US 240HP M3. They are completly different cars. The M5 has more features, while the M3 is more of a true racecar. The M3 seemes to handle better, but it has less acceleration and torque, compared to the M5.
I remember my 95 M3 2-door gave me a much tigher feeling in the cockpit. The wrap-around sport seats(with the inverted-U head restraint) of the old M3 really hold you in place when you toss the car around. Don't get me wrong, the M5 sport seats are better in many ways but I just think more side support would be better.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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