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Too much M5!!!

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Went to a dealership to have my key functions set.
Saw Mine (Avus Blue),
1 Silverstone (on black, sportive interior, taking delivery at that very moment)
1 Silverstone (on comfy seats)
1 Oxford Green (engine busted in a flood, need new motor, very sad)
1 Jet Black (the one which took a fall and is in pieces, see my previous post on low km!= not joyridden)
1 Jet Black (the replacement of the one above)

A whopping total of 6 E39 M5's in the lot.
Those of you who pays a premium for the M5 beware. Given the Eastern Canada market so flooded with M5, you probably can't recoupe the premium later if you intend to sell the car.

Was half-heartedly looking at an F355 Spider a little while ago, my offer on the E39 M5 (since Nov 1999, 19,000km) is $85,000CDN!!!!
Glad I am NOT serious in switching.
Test driven the F355 Spider, M5 wins hands down!
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In all due respect to M5's since i used to own one, how can you say that an M5 is better than an F355?? Thats like comparing apples to oranges.... M5 doesnt even qualify in F355 territory....

I know the M5 is a fine automobile and that you love it, but these kind of comments just make you look stupid. If you say these kind of things, people will wonder if you are just saying that cuz you cant afford an F355?? Please think first before posting these kind of comments.

'01 E55
'00 550 Maranello
I don't know about hte F355, but I can tell you that even though it produces 100 lb-ft less torque and the same hp, my dad's 360 Modena kicks the **** outta my car. I mean, seriously, it's half the weight.

But hey, I'm all ///M5 the whole way.


Although "M5 doesnt even qualify in F355 territory", well the F355 does not qualify in M5 territory either. They are different cars, you said it man: "comparing apples to oranges".

Is it so unrealistic for BrianC to prefer the M5 after a test drive of the F355? I shouldn't have to remind you that the two cars are nearly IDENTICAL in published acceleration numbers (0-60, 1/4 mile), and the M5 has more useable power and torque than the F355 F1...the handling is obviously a different story. But if the interior/cargo space and stealthiness is a factor at all, I can see someone taking the M5 over even a 360 Modena...not that I would, that would be "stupid" of me, but that's just me.

Please don't criticize others' decisions to the extent you call them names, and please don't talk about who can afford what, that can hurt someone's feelings.

BTW, you never mentioned you had a 550 of my neighbors has one too. WHAT A RIDE! Of the two distinctly different seats you could have the car built with, which did you get? Also which of the two distinctly different wheels types did you specify?
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Thanks RaMsEs for trying to defend my feelings and pride. No problem, everyone has their rights to express their feelings and Paul seems to choose the most direct way and I sure can overlook the choice of words and I dig more on the meaning of his message.

Paul, maybe I should be more specific on my comparison. When I say "wins", I was only making reference to the acceleration and acceleration alone. AND YES, from 0-60, by the same driver (me), M5 IS FASTER. It could be I am not too familiar with the Ferrari shifting/clutch combo. The F355 1st gear is quite disappointing after 5,000 RPM and probably because of my poor shifting, to 2nd, I KNOW it's then the M5 will gain its distance.
In terms of other aspects, like sound, M5 is NOT in the league of the Ferrari engine.
In terms of useability all year around, I can only see the F355 be my driveway shuffle, and M5 is more practical in that category.
In terms of handling, that time was 4:30pm or so, and I don't wanna risk my life into the rush hour traffic. No verdict, but I would have guess the F355 will win in that category.
In terms of price, yes, you are right. I cannot outright afford an F355. I need to discontinue my pursue of the M Roadster and sell my M5 in order to buy the F355. And in case you don't know they've discontinued the F355, I AM considering a used car. Nothing to be ashame of. So much as you cannot afford a McClaren F1 or a small island in the Mediteranian Sea. There is always a limit on EVERYONE's financial strength and I see no point in bringing that up in ANY automobile performance comparison.

best regards,
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Oops, sorry for leaving you out bobafett. F360 is a different and better beast than the F355, and as Paul has put it, it's beyond my price range (too new, no used car, cannot afford new one

and as always, thanks for your response.
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"If you say these kind of things, people will wonder if you are just saying that cuz you cant afford an F355??"

Talk about stupid comments...

(who doesn't need to list his cars to show off)

Go to the Mercedes or Ferarri message board. Your comments are not welcome here. The responses you have gotten prove that. Enjoy your cars.
As usual, Paul puts down anyone who prefers or considers the M5 better in overall consideration to their wants and needs. Maybe Paul should reserve his comments for someone in his socio-economic circle, not us poor bastards who can never hope to own the cars he does.
Thanks guys/gals.
For a moment, I thought I was the odd ball
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You know... theres a reason why print magazines don't have f355 vs. m5 comparisons. I work for many online publications and I can tell you a comparo of that nature is quite off track.

Maybe if you are comparing performance numbers... ok... so the f355 wins in most of them. I mean... Ferrari specializes in making fast as hell cars. That's a given. The M5 is definiately a fast as hell car (ask Chris Foote), BUT it is certainly designed with much different intentions. We all know that... in fact... we all pretty much just stated that!

Which brings me to the comments, keep them clean. My whole argument has pretty much already been stated by BrianC, Chris Foote, M54ME, and RaMsEs, so I will spare all of you my pointless ramblings.

Once again... keep the board clean, we are here to discuss and help others, not argue (unprofessionally) and put down others.

O.k. Chris, it seems that many people associate you with high speed M5 driving... any stories or what? Am I forgetting some earlier post?
lol... Chris drives responsable. Don't forget that... and for god sakes I hope all of you do too...

It's just, sometimes you got to feed a lil' speed into your machine... am I right?!

- matt -
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Nope, no high speed driving stories to report here. I'll just say that Western Mass. is a lot less congested than Boston, and you can drive a bit more 'freely' than in Boston. You still have to be VERY careful, however.

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