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here is the thing

I have a bmw 530i 2006 with M-ASK ,with HI-FI system ( 8 speakers +2 underseat subs)

3 years ago i upgrade the 8 speakers from BSW stage1

now i will like to upgrade to the LOGIC7 AMP

is anyone can PLEASE TELL me ( pretty please) tell me if i HAVE TO BUY A NEW SET OF BSW stage one for logic7(premium hi-fi .how they call it on they website) witch is the all 11 SPEAKERS or i can use the one i have right now(stage one BSW) plus purchase the extra 3 (one center and 2 rear doors???
i know that there is a power difference between the HI-FI and logic7 speakers and subs
i KNOW that i have to get the logic7 subs( i already purchase them)

i was thinking that once u upgrade to the BSW STAGE ONE it can be use either for HI-FI either for LOGIC7!!

i try to call BSW and the sales guy doesnt know for sure if i have to start from scratch or i have to spend another $900 on top of the $700 that i spend 3 yearg ago when i upgrade


best regards

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