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Tires: Best? Mix ok?

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Baby needs new shoes, at least for the hind paws. gotta be a reason those wear faster, I'll figure it out someday.

Got my M6 in 5/06 and have ca 17k mi. Wear is resonable.

Never have snow here, some rain tho. Won't track the car, those days are gone.

Over time I think most here have liked the Michelin PS2 as I recall. TireRack likes them too on their comparison guide.

I currently have Contis. Don't particularly like Contis, were inferior to Michelin and Bridgestone on my M3s.

But I have rears getting slick with good enuf fronts. 5k max remaining on rears but felt some instability pushing it hard in rain recently. I will thus replace at least the rears.

I would never mix fronts or rears, but considering getting PS2 for Rear while keeping the good Contis on front until they need to be replaced, then putting the PS2s on front too.

Is mixing tires front and rear a problem? Can I get away with just putting the PS2 onrears now while keeping the Contis on front?

Does anybody think another tire would be better than the PS2?
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You can do it. Of the lesser of two wrongs, dont mix tires on same axel, but you might be able to get away with PS2 rear and Conti's up front.

However if it was me and you are asking, dont be cheap, you have a really nice car and its like an $800 difference.

Get 4 new PS2's and be happy.
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