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Tire repair and more misc tire ramblings

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I got a big surprise yesterday when a coworker noticed one of my rear tires going flat. I went out to take a look. Nail head right near the inside edge. Call a few places and they said would not patch if within 1/2" of the edge. I got out the pump and put air into the tire and could hear the hiss so the car obviously wasn't going to make it home like this.

The tires are within a couple thousand miles of their death so I decided to use the gunk stuff. Hook it up and ran it per the directions then drove the car around and got these ting, ting, ting with each tire revolution. Metal on metal and I though, that's not good, figured the end of the nail must be hitting the rim.

I knew I needed to pull the nail out and soon before the gunk stuff set up. I was a little worried if the gunk didn't fill the hole that I'd be stranded but I wasn't comfortable driving with a nail doing what it was doing either. So I went for it, pulled out the nail and tons of air starts coming out. I driving the car around a little in the company parking lot leaving little white dots of gunk everywhere, then I figure I better take it out again for a mile or two per the instructions. I do that and come back and its not leaking, good thing. Pump it up to pressure and its still holding when its time to leave work. Drove home and other then a balance issue between 65 and 75 the car seams fine. This morning tire is still holding air so I'm good for now.

Now my questions...
- will the gunk hurt my rim in anyway, someone said it will make a huge mess and to get the tire off soon.
- I don't think my tire pressure warning system is working. Anyone have the quick and dirty on how to set that thing up. I press the button and hold and I always end up with tire system inactive.

So I need new tires. I have this problem which was discussed in depth where the inside of my rear tires are wearing. This was discussed in depth here...

Well, the alignment didn't seem to help. My tires are just about gone on the insides at 13k miles. I need to talk to an alignment shop, same as before and ask them why they couldn't fix this, and I need to talk to Dinan and ask them what they suggest. I would love to be able to get another 5k miles out of a set of rears. I don't drive hard this is freeway wear.

If the wear issue can't really be fixed, then I am considering going away from the assymetrical PS2's to a directional tire that will allow me to rotate from right to left to balance the wire. A lot of people will get confused by this but here is a huge discussion on the subject, lets keep it out of this post...

Bottom line is assymetrical tires can roll in either direction but require one side of the tire to always be on the outside. Directional tires must always roll in the same direction but aren't outside or inside specific.

So can anyone recommend a tire they like that is directional. Like maybe the Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3. The thing I hate to do but I might is to put new rears in a new brand and keep the PS2s on the fronts as they have another 8k miles left on them. I know many warn about this but I wonder how bad it could be. Just the huge difference in putting a new tire on one end versus a worn one on the other seems huge to me as well but we do that all the time. Anyway I may do this as its the only easy way to transition to a different tire.

Sorry this was so long but please give any insight that you can. Thanks guys.

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I don't have a good directional tire for you, but I have the same problem and have assymetrical tires that I can't rotate. I'm not very happy and will be looking for "rotatable" tires as well, so please post your final selection and how happy you are with them!


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well i can give some inexpensive options that are directional.
1) kumho ECSTA MX, great summer tire, good in rain. not very long lasting. but at 700 and change for 4 tires not bad

2) falken FK 452. heve not had personally but had a talk with a tire dist. and said that it was close to dry perf of kumhos but better in the rain and last longer for around the same price.
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