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Tire Pressure

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Yes, I know its been covered by others- yet there seems to be no definitive answer to the question: what are the recommended pressures? (Im asking for the USA, but Im sure others are curious also)

I have dunlap 8080s and the sidewall says max pressure is 51psi. The sticker on the drivers side of the door has icons that apply to the dunlap tires but then says max=44/48. The sticker then lists another set of numbers but these have French next to them for a description. It seems to me that these are for snow tires.

I checked the M5 manual and it states recommended pressures should be 35/38. I called my dealer and was told to use 32/39. I then called BMW USA and they said to use whatever the door sticker says. I decided to call the dealer one last time and they then said to use the 44/48 number.

I tried this and it seems too high to me. The car is a little too "bouncy". I decided to compromise between the manual and the door sticker and set the pressures to 40/43.5 psi.

Does anyone know what the actual recommended pressures are?

thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the replies. I tried the 44/48 and I just didnt like it that much and the wear was definately not spread out across the tires. I understand your point about higher pressures, but whats really confusing me is that usually the automaker has a "recommended" pressure and here I cant seem to get a straight answer. I always had my previous auto with the recommended pressures and I enjoyed great ride/handling and also got many more miles than friends with the same car but insisted on filling the tires to the max allowed by the tire maker.

I thought Id chime in- I saw that the fronts are wearing well at 40psi, but theres about 1/2 inch on the sides of the rears that arent getting much wear, so I decided to drop it down to 42psi. The car seemed to ride better this way. Ill leave it at that for a few days.

1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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