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As there have been several posts about tire choice I thought it might be useful to share some info from Mroadster & Mcoupe owners.

As with M5, for the Mr & Mc BMW decided give all owners a surprise when picking up their new car - Dunlop 8080 or Michelin Sport??

Here's my interpretation of the results of M owners that generally have lot's more miles driven that current E39 M5 crop.

Dunlop 8080's
- General consensus is that they are inferior to Michelin Sports, Bridgestone SO2's and Yokohama AVS Sports
- Not very communicative at limit
- Less grip in both wet and dry
- Tire shops hate them!! Hard to get off without damaging rim!

Michelin Sports
- Excellent reviews on performance in both wet and dry
- Downsides seems to be price and noise

Bridgestone SO2's
- Rave reviews, especially US owners. No.1 choice for replacing stock tires.
- Euro owners felt Mich Sports were better in wet
- Downside price and noise - but not as pricey as Mich Sports

Yokohama AVS Sports
- Excellent dry weather and more communicative at limit than all others
- Ride more comfortable than M Sports and B SO2's, on par with D 8080's
- Wet weather not as good as SO2's and Sports, but better or on par with 8080's.
- Good price

So in conclusion, Mroadster and Mcoupe owners seem to pick
Joint 1st - S02's and Sports (1st SO2's in US)
3rd Yokohama AVS Sports
4th Dunlop 8080's

Oh by the way, no mention of Pirelli Pzero's. The general viewpoint seemed to be excellent tire in dry, better than all above, but poor in wet and only lasted average 7,000 miles compared to 12K to 17K for others

Hope this helps!!

00 M5, came with Michelin Sports ;-)

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I think SteveG's summary is pretty accurate. I'm not going to throw away the SP8080s on my M5, but I'll be looking forward to something better when I do manage to wear them out.

I use PZeros on our Saab 9000, they work well on that car (205/50-16 is the largest that will fit)

They ride well and have good grip, the asymmetrical tread pattern helps that car a lot (smallish tire on a Macpherson strut front end with a lousy camber curve) but I have no illusions about their lifespan.
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