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The DSC fault is likely because of the throttle actuator faults. Both of your actuators are failing the pre-start test. That's 2B21 and 2B22 (closing spring test - i.e. it's sluggish when the throttles are closing instead of snapping shut. This is likely the circuit board. It can also mean Combustion misfires, several cylinders).

2B57 is your Air Mass sensor (Is it maybe unplugged?) and 2B2D is related to bank 2 initialization. It's tough to say what this means. Nothing good, though.

If you need 2 new TA circuit boards = 2 new TAs since they're not sold separately. Take out the 2 TAs. Push on the little ball lever and see if it returns to start quickly or drifts back. If the latter, your circuit board is toast. Even if the former - your circuit board could still be toast as I found out when my TA on bank 2 failed only 1 of the tests of about 15 or so.

Looks like you might need a new coil for cylinder 8 (maybe there is an oil leak :dunno: )
I noticed my remote key to lock and unlock the car is dying, took me like 20 minutes for it to lock my car and its like almost dead. Is this linked to anything reported in the diagnosis report?

Also what can i do to fix that? Does it use battery or i opened and did not see any battery there so i have no idea what to do about that.

I just saw that it uses battery, will be changing battery in a few to see
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