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I'm not sure what the best way to do this is, but there should be some way to organize all the threads relating to these SMG tranny problems so people could easily access all the information. I've gone through the last month's worth of threads, and the number of reports is staggering. Here are the threads I've identified that discuss SMG problems members have experienced.

Flywheel Identified as possible SMG Culprit

DSC, DBC, FTM ... malfunctions (=steering angle sensor, solved!)

The transmission fault finally got me

Annoying thump from the M Differential and SMG Transmission when shifting

Feedback on clunking into gear when taking off.....

New info on "steering angle sensor"

Feedback on "General Transmission Fault" warning?

You guys won't believe this! (Steering Sensor recall)

M5 Error Messages Poll

Advice on '06 M5 with major wiring/computer issues?

Steering Angle Sensor and O2 Sensor

Steering went nuts!?

Most ridiculous transmission fix yet!

Anyone replaced clutch yet?

Brutal Launch Control followed by a storm of errors

Scary, moving backwards in 1st Gear

I've had it with BMW

ELV Fault and Steering Column Replacement

Just yesterday I was bragging about how reliable my M5 has been..........

She's Died (Very Angry)

She's M deprived

There is a lot of good information in these threads, and people seem to be experiencing slightly different problems. There is the 'Chistmas tree' where there are multiple errors indicated. Then there are a few of us who have only experienced tranny errors, with a smaller number having seen clutch errors. There are also the 'kick in the back at a stoplight' problems. Maybe even BMWNA would benefit from reading this if it were put together in some organized fashion.

Geez - I'm thinking maybe we should have a completely separate Forum section just for E60 M5 drivetrain issues.hmmm

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Great initiative Mike! Thanks for putting in the effort collecting the links to the various threads.

Feedback, additions and comments regarding this thread can be posted in the dedicated thread Feedback on "Thread resource for SMG problems".

Any interesting information posted in the feedback thread will be copied into this resource thread - which will serve as a collation of SMG and drivetrain related issues.

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Had similar problem with the clunking when downshifting into second gear going slowly have them do a clutch adaptation at the dealer
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