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Hello BF,

I have done a lot of cleaning in the last 3 years and have found these products to be my favorite when detailing. All these products I tested on my E36 M3 and will continue to use forever. First I normally go over the whole car by hand with a griots clay bar and speed shine, but i recommend that only to the really picky detailers. I only do that once a month thanks to the zano wax that keeps her shiny for weeks.

The poor boys leather "stuff" I've been using for a year and it has actually reduced the visibility of wear on my leather seats. It keeps them shiny and spotless and helps with those cracks from getting in and out of the car. Grade Trim Restorer-43-64.aspx

This turtle wax I found at a Benny's in Rhode Island and said might as well give it a shot. Turned out to be fantastic. Took my faded exterior trim and turned it back to the original color. It also helped with the spots I was starting to get on my window seals (which need to be replaced desperately) and made them look much better and hopefully last through the winter.

Im going to have to edit this post when i get home because I forgot the name of the window cleaner stuff I used, but whenever I use it someone always comes up to me and asks how I get them so clean. Its a simple polish type liquid you rub on and then wipe off when it dries. The only downside is you have to vacuum after because of the little specs of white it produces. In my opinion its worth the vacuum time.

As for motivation I've always found that a beer or six helps me get through with less pain and struggle, but thats usually so I don't drive it after and mess up the work I've done.

Hope this helps!
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