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This is for anyone who truly loves their M5lovelove

there is a bodyshop called CMS auto body and they are located in North Hollywood, they do all of the work for Pacific BMW in Glendale, Century West in Studio City and Center BMW in Van Nuys, there body shop looks like its phisically connected to the BMW factory, they have factory trained people there and they have the factory welding machines only used for BMW's, the whole place is full of high end BMW's and I always see at least 3 M5's there at any one time. My car has been in 2 accidents, and I have to tell you I am THE pickiest guy you will ever meet, I make people wash their hands before they step into my M5 because I dont want the leather to get all shiny from the grease on their hands

These guys took every component out so carefully wrapped it in plastics and placed it in a shelf with my name on it in a separate room. they have an awsome relationship with the dealer and they also are the same owners as MLS (second largest limo company, and largest rolls and benz conversion company)
Anyway, I had my car shipped there from Vegas to get repaired and I cant believe that someone like me that use to be in the car business cant see a single clue of repair.
If any of your members truly care about your M5 like I do, I recomend you find out about this place

you can say that Sean with the 2003 BMW M5 Imola, (that calls them every day
referred them

and ask for KOKO, he is the owner (818) 764 4688
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