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So the weather here has been cold (30-50s) during the day and colder at night. I brought the Beast out last week for a couple of day trips. A couple times while cruising, the temp gauge needle just shot up to the red. I shut the car off immediately both times and started it right back up and the needle went right back to normal. So after some reading people are saying it could be the TStat or a sensor. Let me give you some more symptom's..

I noticed during this cold weather that while cruising, the temp gauge shows the tempature around the 1st dot on the left. But when in traffic and stops, it does move all of the way up to the middle section or really close.

Final sympton, one of the times the needle shot to red, the SES light suddenly came on and has been on. I do not, however, have the codes as I dont' have a scanner for my car yet :(

Any help is appreciated :cheers:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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