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The warranty question strikes back

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Sorry for asking what surely has been asked but my search could not turn up a definitive answer.

I realize that Dinan mods will not void the manufacturers warranty but has anyone found a company offering service contract that will cover the car with the mods after the manufacturers warranty expires. the mods were placed by the original owner who is also the individual that I would buy the car from.

My search turned up the names of EasyCare as a possible alternative and I found a thread I believe was started by FAST 5 which seemed to indicate that you are out of luck if you try and obtain a service contract with a Dinan modified car as the modifcations are the easy way out in terms of an excuse to disclaim.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has Dinan engine mods (ie - CAI or chips or exhaust) and was able to find a reputable service contract company that honored the agreement even with the mods.

thanks again.
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Easycare offers extended warranty through BMW dealers, and they do cover Dinan modified cars, it is what I decided to use for my Dinan S2. I was told that contract needed to be done before reaching 40k miles, which was OK for me. They offer a range of coverages and miles/years combinations, prices seem pretty competitive to those which exclude Dinan modified cars.
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