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I'm back!

SO you'll remember that I got the E61 M5 manual swapped and then decided that it wasn't for me because I just didn't see enough potential in the chassis for me to warrant investing further into the car. Thus my E61 is for sale in the UK and hopefully it'll find it's new owner soon enough.

I made it clear though that I was a huge fan of the S85 and it's a fantastic NA powerplant as a racey engine on a spirited drive. So on that basis, I figured maybe I'd get a saloon model and do a manual swap again...but then I was thinking (and a good few of you actually advised me to) maybe an E46 M3 might be the right car for me because it was an equally brilliant chassis especially when the right tweaks have been made.

So then God decided to be nice to me and blessed me with the best of both worlds. Gentlemen, I am proud to be

An S85 swapped E46 M3 with a manual transmission 馃懟

Car Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Grille Automotive lighting

It was literally just my luck that this came up and the NICEST guy built the car. It has an LCI engine from a 2008 car with around 47k on the motor. The bearings and usual vanos line, oil pump maintenance items have been taken care of. It has an E92 M3 6 speed with the 3.85:1 final drive (not quite the 4.1 in my E61). The car was built as an out and out track car, so the suspension has been set up to the extreme, which I LOVE (although I do need to knock a couple of degree's of camber out at the front for road use).

My plans for the car are to make it look pretty much like a stock M3 from the outside and leave the suspension in kill mode. It just needs tidying up and then refining as I go along. It's got a silver wrap on the body, so I'll be peeling that off shortly and re-spraying it in minty fresh black.

The 0-60 is pretty brutal (sub 4 seconds) and it handles like a dream. It's apparently been tuned and running 530hp, but I doesn't feel all that much different to my M5 in terms of acceleration, so I do feel that I need to do a bit of data logging to investigate if it should be running faster. I can hear a few exhaust leaks...possibly by the manifolds and a little bit by the back box, so I'll also take a closer look at those when I have time. It's running a K&N hot air intake (there literally isn't any room for anything else, although I may well cut into the chassis to make provision for the intake tubes to pass through and make a genuine cold air intake. Part of me does wonder if it's just pulling so much timing due to heat soak. On the basis that it's decatted and running a straight through exhaust to an AC Snitzer back box, it should be running around 560hp anyway, right? But yeah, all in good time.

I've ordered 10 new injectors (largely for preventative maintenance with the hydrolock horror stories) and I'll likely order a set of vanos solenoids from BMW while they're still affordable and available. If anybody has any other good suggestions, please let me know. The car is running in Alpha N.

Hehe just as well I didn't sell my Match Schnell pulley kit...hoping that'll give me another 10hp or so, but I wont fit it until I'm satisfied with the performance of the current configuration. I might hit up a dyno soon and get some baseline numbers too. I'm also likely to get a 4.4:1 final drive gear also. I want this to be as scary fast as possible to have fun with on the road and also I'll no doubt start doing track days too.

I'll start my official build thread journal soon guys - stay tuned! But for now, I'm very much living the dream and looking forward to unleashing the true potential of this car.

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Any idea on the weight of the car now ?
Not yet, however I don't think it will be a huge deal off from the stock 1550kg mark...I'll have to get it on a weigh scale very soon and report back!

That is one mean build.
馃 yeah I quite like the standard of work that the guy did. He made a nice sub frame which protrudes an inch lower than the sump to protect the sump first and foremost if I encounter an obstacle or high kerb. He made a nice little tunnel under the car to run the fuel lines's a good enough project to take away. That being said there are lots of areas of improvement to tidy, but I'm hoping those will be the fun 'glory' items that I can do, as the truly hard work has been done in getting it running. Like, for example the day after I got home, I noticed a fuel leak...split rubber line, thankfully with reasonable access, so I was able to do a quick fix. But what I'd like to do is cook up ether hard lines, or braided lines for stuff like that, have it all tucked away nicely and generally make it needlessly fancy and clean.

鈥淢ean鈥? I was thinking it was better than 鈥渁verage鈥濃orry I鈥檝e been running numbers all day with my engineer. 馃槀馃ぃ

@Celicasaur Congrats on a sweet new acquisition. I can only imagine the fun that can be had!!
Hehe, what kind of numbers? You thinking to do the same conversion in the USA? I imagine these will be quite few a far between, as the conversion is mega expensive and that's on top of the price of an M3 nowadays, which is around 10-11k (GBP) for a really rough one with rusty arches, tailgate and sketchy maintenance. Fingers crossed, my ownership will officially begin next week :)

First of congrats on the pickup.

The car should feel and go significantly faster than a touring M5.
Especially with that diff and weight loss.
There is no way it should accelerate the same as a pig of a touring.

Get the motor into tip top shape before doing anything else
Yeah I totally agree. It should be around 3.3 or so seconds from 60-100mph....but living in London, it's a fair bit of effort to test that and get the camera out 馃槉 I will soon though. I'll do a quick data log of a third gear pull and that might give me some clues etc. I do strongly suspect the exhaust leaks that I can hear are no doubt affecting the power output. I was planning to get under the car today, but it's raining 馃槖

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Truly the best of both worlds.

Did he venture into RACP reinforcement?
Thank you sir - sorry I didn't have time to google the acronym, but now I have! Yes he did do some work on the rear subframe, but I can't remember what exactly, because my brain was goin haywire trying to work out if I was going to be brave enough to buy the car from him :eek: tbh I'll put it through it's paces, because I do love a good drag from a dig and I'll be doing it all summer, knowing me.

Oh my God I'm in love with those Carbon Fiber Intake Air Plenums. Where can I get those?
I'm fairly sure that they're eBay specials tbh, they're available methinks I've seen them online.
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