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The Nurburgring - Sat. 5th & Sun. 6th April 2008

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Several U.K. BoardMembers went to the Nurburgring this weekend.

Just got back after a 384mile jaunt from the Hotel to home - it's now 1am in the morning - many stories, pictures and other experiences to follow from the great group of people that came along and made this trip the fantastic experience it was:-

  • Jon Baker Snr (Peter Pan)
  • Jon Baker Jnr (self-titled)
  • David O. (DavidOli)
  • Simon A. (SimonAl)
  • Richard (Evoman)
  • Steve H. (Herfordshire1)
  • and myself
Pictures to follow - I'm off to bed.:byee55amg
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The crap journey to the Ring and the 10 hours waiting is all but forgotten after a night partying in the Blau Ecke, a brilliant 3 hour afternoon session on the track on Sunday and an epic journey back to Calais.

Great weekend, great people and it goes without saying...great cars!!

Can't wait to find the pics on the web!!

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Fantastic weekend boys ........ I have only positive memories of the trip !

After not sleeping at all on Friday night , the excitement that had prevented me sleeping carried me through the whole weekend .

A lovely evening meal in the company of our Dutch friend , Stevie and company provided the first chance to actually sit down and let the adrenalin levels subside .

The closure of the track on Saturday was soon forgotten when Steve started throwing some shapes on the dancefloor of the Hotel Blau Ecke , who were throwing a Yamaha Motorcycle Promotion Party !

Awaking to a sprinkling of snow on the Sunday and having breakfast at the Ring Cafe whilst watching the snow ploughs clearing the track had me and Richard saying a prayer to the lord above , politely asking for at least a couple of laps ( Richard said he'd be happy with one ! ) before the circuit was finally opened at approx 2pm , due to the fact that one of the snow ploughs had dropped oil over a large section of the circuit that morning !

As soon as the hooter sounded , there was no hanging about and it became like scene from The Cannonball Run as we all ran to our cars and drove up to the barriers . On that first 4 mile section , there was no doubt as to why the circuit had remained closed for so long .......the masses of sand covering oil as the circuit weaved and snaked through the early downhill section was ring twitching material !

From then on , the circuit just got better and better , rapidly drying out and becoming oil free ......

The one lap where all 6 of us E34 M5 drivers all went out together was the highlight of the trip for me ......the levels of excitement as we threaded through the circuit in a line were off the scale !

I'd like to thank you all for making the weekend such a memorable occasion and look forward to seeing you all again in the near future ......even you Stevie !


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Great pic! Glad you guys had a good time and managed a few laps. My thoughts were with you when I saw it was snowing in Poole on Sunday morning. Where on the Ring is that photo taken?


ralph (vadas1)

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I hope you've got a huge hi-res version of that picture, as I can see it becoming popular :applause:

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Where on the Ring is that photo taken?
Hatzenbach, a superb series of bends about 1 min to 1:30 into the track, 700m or so after the old pits and T13, but before the bridge at Quiddelbacher Hohe and the rise to Flugplatz.

It's an area that you need to get the initial entry speed into correctly, err on too slow rather that too fast.

Jochen at Frozenspeed said this Elise driver had been driving terribly all weekend and I have a series of seven or so pics that marked his demise.

Attached are two of his talent failure in progress. We stopped and checked they were ok, the only thing bruised were their egos, as the car hit tyres relatively slowly and survived. It hit tyres and not armco, they didn't even report a headache! They taped it up and drove home in it. (I wouldn't have posted the pics if anyone had been hurt, obviously)

The first pic shows the Elise going too fast into the first corner, not visible on the picture of the M5's.

The second picture shows the Elise smacking the tyre-wall that's visible in the far distance behind the M5's in their photo.

The M5's photo is taken at the last corner and is a very popular photo point for action shots but you don't see too many people stood there, I don't think it's naturally easy to get to.




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D, Sebring Sienna is one hell of a racy bird for a 3.6 ! FUG was having to give its all to keep pace with her.

That is one strong car you have there!!
Thanks JB .....Coming from the owner of FUG , one of the strongest 3.8s I know of , that is a huge compliment .

The first person to thank is John Gagen of Gagen Vehicle Services ( See Independent Specialist Thread ) who initially put me onto the car , before spending at least 36 hours doing everything from the rear axle beam bushes , Hartge Bilstein front dampers , H&R springs , upper & lower control arms , arb links , pitman arms , welding of sill , handbrake shoes , fuel filter ,new driver's door check strap , wiper blades , brake fluid change , replacement of headlight units , new fuel pipes and sls front to rear pipes , tracking / ride height settings , new plugs , oil / air / pollen filters , Silkolene Pro S oil , coolant , S50B32 tensioner and even the fitment of the turbine covers .

The second person is our own Farrell who , after I had collected the car , confirmed my suspicion that the valve clearances hadn't really been specced by BMW at anytime in the recent past , despite me having an invoice that suggested that they had . Faz duly changed the 8 shims required to have her back to her best , sorted out the interior blower , instrument cluster display and cleaned the MAF wire after it had become oiled by the K&N panel filter fitted by the PO .

The fact that I have both the health and the wealth to enjoy such pleasures is the blessing that I must give most thanks for !

Some snaps that I took over the weekend ......

Richard's single wiper conversion :

Track prepped 1993 3.8 :

Hertfordshire1 chasing down FinalEdition :


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They say "what a difference a day makes"

Tonight I find myself sat here in the lounge, on the laptop with eastenders on the TV, last night my surroundings were somewhat different.

A Belgium ring road, el Tel and Jnr in front, D right behind me, the sound of the rushing wind and a roaring straight six filling my ears, the cars dancing over the tarmac...

So many memories of one of my best ever weekends at the ring......

As has been documented already, the weather and snow ploughs did their best to stop our fun, but clearly someone wanted to see our cars on the track...

The cars as usual did themselves proud....
38TK - on new discs and pagids stopping on a 6 pence (2nd member of the cracked headlight gang)
FUG - still faster than my car even with the shricks!!! :mad:
KIB - as quick as FUG but with an exhaust note i'd kill for and those turbines
L972 - one very quick and unique touring (single wiper conversion anyone)

Snr - don't know your plate! but what a legend for keeping pace with all us loons and joining me and D on the dancefloor (the rest of you should be shamed!!)....

L77 - well it went ok. Bit dissapointed with the performance if i'm brutal and its thirst for oil (1.5 litres) was just outdone by its thirst for fuel!! (1st member of the cracked headlight gang and only member of the cracked foglight gang!).

A few of my off track highlights:

Tels eco car averaging 50MPG on our dash home!
Daves lightening reactions saving my car from ploughing into the train doors after Richard had taken it out of gear!
Jnr's pace on the ring, you certainly are flying round there now mate.
Snr's (welcome home) xenons and Guiness smuggling skills!

Also a thanks to Simon for arranging dinner and the hotel. The B10 was also very quick and was a welcomed member to the convoy outward, not sure what happened on the return leg mind!!!

Good to see Stevie again, I want a passenger lap next visit as Richard was packing wood for the remainder of the day after those hot laps you showed him!

More stories i'm sure will surface.

Thanks to all.

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