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The COMPLETE(?) 411 for door squeaks

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Geez, I drive 600 miles round-trip to Bimmerfest in Santa Barbara and my '03 with 15K miles is quiet as can be (the drive home included about an hour in heavy rain, which may factor in here). Then, the next time I get into the car both front doors are squeaking very noticeably. They squeak at the slightest movement of the car forward, regardless of road condition. After searching through several old threads here on this admittedly old topic, I've compiled a list of attempted remedies so that we will have them all in one place (and can add to it if I'm missing anything). It seems the most common symptom is squeaking door seals. The list of possible fixes [with name of board member and date of posting thread when results were successful] is as follows:

1. Clean the door seals with mild soap or 303 (and don't wax the inside door frames) -- many tried with mixed results

2. Try cracking the windows slightly, if you can live with this simple fix.

3. Use a silicone spray on the rubber -- mixed results.

4. Use gummi pflege (made by einszett) on the rubber door seals. There are two seals on each door, so be sure to do both of them. Clean the seals first. Many have commented that the gummi pflege takes some time (days/weeks?) to absorb into the rubber and start working -- many have tried with mixed results, it often worked but only for a short period.

5. Use gummi pflege on the felt liner on top of the doors [JLH August 13, 2004].

6. Replace the door seals -- many have tried with mixed results. Some have experienced more wind noise after doing so.

7. Apply polyethylene tape along body of car where door seals meet car. The tape is translucent and is available at Item number is 76445 A741 [dchen September 12, 2004].

8. Apply adhesive backed nylon loop (the fuzzy half of velcro) to the top of the weatherstripping on each door. The tape is available at and is 1/2" x 30', black, Item number 9489K386 [baf3472 June 3, 2004].

9. Adjust door striker on door jamb out away from car slightly [JamesB September 14, 2004].

10. Adjust door striker on door jamb in towards car slightly [madmmt September 17, 2002].

11. Sell car -- Never!

Now that I have all of this handy, I'm going to work my way down the list.

Anyone care to add to this list or update us on the long-term effectiveness of your chosen remedy?

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I used gummi pflege on all the rubber seals on all 4 doors and it has worked well, EXCEPT when its raining, then the car squeaks. I've given up the fight and just turn the radio up louder now
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i've tried #1-10 with little success. Now I just turn up the radio and crack open the window a little. very annoying for a car in this class. dealer refuses to fix it, service manager says "i refuse to throw good away good money replacing parts that might or not fix the squeeks"

I'll remember this the next time I'm shopping for cars "I refuse to throw away good money on a brand that has such poor customer service"

25k miles here and totally squeak-free...I assume it's coming at some point given these posts over the years. I wonder why I haven't had the issue (yet)? I assume that it will start this afternoon now that I've acknowledged it.
I need my wondow slightly ajar incase I miss the noise of my Kelleners race exhausts :wroom:
CSBM5 said:
25k miles here and totally squeak-free...I assume it's coming at some point given these posts over the years. I wonder why I haven't had the issue (yet)? I assume that it will start this afternoon now that I've acknowledged it.
It's because your hearing is poor. hiha
Redshift said:
It's because your hearing is poor. hiha
:sad1: I guess a bit too much Bad Company in the 70's is a good thing then?
E60 fix for E39?...

Great Job! seems like a lot of E39's have this problem!... and the ones who dont have the problem, will have it someday... sorry to tell ya. ??????

The new E60 5 series has the exact same problems! has anyone tried the fix for that on the E39?.. the fix calls for applying a silicon remover agent on the felt part that runs along the inner/top of the door. Then, applying a product called Carbaflo to the felt strip. Both the 'Concentrated silicon remover' and 'Carbaflo' can be purchased at your local BMW parts dept. the part number for Carbaflo is 83230309627, but its VERY pricy, like $60USD?... yikes. Im sorry i dont have the PN for the silicon remomer. Apparently, products we use to wash our cars, or have them washed, most contain silicon based chemicals. these silicon based agents dry the weather strips/seals on the doors, which causes them to squeak like crazy. The carbaflo solution works on the E60, but its a temporary fix, a few months at best. btw: Carbaflo is so expensive cause its a military-grade lubricant.
hope this helps!
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