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Thank you from a new owner

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This is not a "Help Me" post, rather a "Thank You" one. I picked up a 2002 Sterling Grey M5 almost 2 weeks ago, and I have been abusing the search function here. The amount of knowledge that you guys have accumulated in one place is amazing. I hope to contribute what I can (I've had 2 previous M3s and 3 Nissan Zs among others), but just wanted to say "Thanks" to everyone for all the "Help" I quietly received...

2002 Sterling Grey M5 - 78k miles as of 28 Jan 2008

The car came out of auction with a few problems:
- toasted clutch
- nav screen blank
- drivers "seat twist" issue
- no tread on rear tires, front pretty bad as well
- no CD changer cartridge
- no nav CD (MKIII)

In the past (almost) 2 weeks, I've done the following:
- reset the nav by unplugging everything, which brought back the screen
- replaced nav CD
- replaced CD changer cartridge
- blacked-out all the blue rondels (hood/trunk/rims/steering wheel)
- blacked out M logo
- M license frame
- smoked corner signals
- headlight eyelids
- color matched molding
- color matched fog light trim
- cut out and meshed fog light trim
- DIY intake in lower grill (Halo recessed cans)
- Cosmo Racing short CAI
- aux power in glove box (flashlight adapter)
- decent cup holder - damn Germans! (shipped)

Remaining to-do's:
- reattach cable to drivers seat motor
- DIY CAI heat shields
- plumbing for CAI from lower grill
- windshield sunscreen tint
- paint brake calipers
- bluetooth integration (shipped)
- Rogue Engineering stage 3 clutch and flywheel
- Rogue Engineering Octane SSK
- Michelin PS2 255/35 275/35
- Conforti Shark (race trim?)
- AV on screen w/ iPod video integration
- aux stereo input in glove box (shipped)
- reverse camera

I can supply photos if someone is curious about how things I have done might look like.

I look forward to being a part of this board, and Thanks,


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You've been busy! Congrats and welcome!

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Great choice of year and color :cheers:

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Welcome to the Florida Posse!:thumbsup:

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Congrats and welcome aboard:thumbsup:


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Just post ALL the pics you have, I think I speak for every one in the board, we all enjoy Pics. Go ahead post pics!!!!:typing:

Fog light trim as I was working on it...



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Nice car, nice work so far, and welcome.

If you could post some more pictures. I would be curious to see a closer view of the blacked out "M5" and trunk roundel. Thanks.

I cut the rondels myself (I have a vinyl plotter) and ordered the M stripe from Bavarian Auto. I could have done the stripe but I don't have grey vinyl...

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