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Today was a nice and sunny perfect day to test the new M5, so I selected a course up and down some montain roads close by that I first flew through with my E39 M5 to get the feel for comparison. I then picked up the E60 M5 and redid the same course.

Sport without DSC vs P500 without DSC S6 mode and EDC on hard.

I'd be interested to hear from you if you found the same comparison between the old and new.

I must say my E39 feels quite powerfull and I am currently testing RON 100 fuel.

The first impression is obviously that the E60 is much more lively up in the revs. The second is that (unless you go for the launch mode which, it seems, is not that good for the SMG) the E39 has a lot more torque at the start therefore the launch is better.

On fast driving in mountain roads, the E60 felt quicker: my impression is that it came more from the handling ( drivetrain) than power but hey this was the first time I drove it and had some definite rear skidding.

There is no comparison between braking, that's for sure, but when braking on a steep downward road that has an uneven surface and curving, the E60 seems to jump a bit more than the E39.

In comparing P400, the E39 feels definitively more powerfull.

Well a very very pleasent experience and now is budget revision time :)

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