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I'm posting this test balloon to gauge interest.

I purchased the UUC Ultimate V8 Flywheel and Clutch kit (V12 clutch conversion) - E39 M5 and Z8 last year and installed it 5 months ago in anticipation of resumed autocross and HPDE. After some thought, I've wisely decided to not flog my classic E39 M5 and chose another car for this purpose. leaving me to revert my E39 M5 back to lightly modified street trim and this means a DMF goes back in. unfortunately for me, my lack of foresight is your gain.

I don't need to sing the praises of this assembly, those of you looking at this already have one or have researched this and are aware this is one of the most reputable available. Nevertheless, the details are here if you want to know what this kit entails.

I can provide all parts of this kit or just the hard parts but I am essentially selling the Flywheel and pressure plate and the slave with the modified pin. the kit currently retails for $2,863.90 and I will offer it all for $1500 + shipping. if there is interest ill repost with pictures when I replace the assembly in a week or so.
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