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Talk about f'ed up...overheating clutch?

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Ok. I've had the "new and improved" clutch for less than a week, and last night, the thing went to hell. I was driving around in Los Gatos when i started to smell some of that lovely clutch-burn. I was holding the throttle steady in 6th at the time, nothing going on. I prodded it a little and the bloody thing just SPUN (i mean 1/4 throttle, nothing heavy). Tested it in 6,5,4,3,2. 1st was too fast to tell. I let the car rest for close to 10 hours, and took it out this morning. Same thing, only not as mild. Mainly in upper gears (4,5,6). The smell was slightly different. I couldn't pinpoint it, but it was primarily clutch-burn. The car has been sitting in my garage for close to 3 hours, and my garage stinks of it now. Also, the car is surprisingly warm. Any ideas? My service center is NOT going to be happy monday morning when I go storming thru.

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My only comment is, I mentioned the E39 message board at to my tech and his first (rhetorical?) question was...

"...what have people said about the clutch?"

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