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Taking delivery

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Hello any one can tell me what should I do when I take the delivery of my 2001 M5 this week? any thing like a check list?
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Take lots of close-up pictures and post them here...
You are a lucky man!!!

Some posted here a list of programable options that could be customized upon request. I sugest you look it over and see if there's something you like. Call ahead of time and have the dealer program you preferences before you pick up the car..

Again, have fun, and good luck...
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see your in NY, where are you taking delivery?
all i can remember is make sure you inquire about spartenburg, i haven't yet and dont find the time to go back to my dealer. also have them explain the tire monitor system, it is not very intuitive. Lastly just make sure you break in the car well, 1200 miles seems like an eternity, just remember its well worth the TLC in the beginning. And welcome to the club !

ps: what ext/int color ?
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I took delivery in June 00 of the M5 and I just this past weekend got the invite to spartenburg.

You can go to Spartanburg for the M5 driving experience as soon as your car is delivered by a dealer or you arrange to take delivery in South Carolina. You do not need to wait for an invitation. All you need is the VIN or production number on the form your dealer supplies. You may book the trip for any session in which space is available.

Good program. Nice experience.

'01 M5 almost on a ship. Will I go to Spartanburg again? Probably.
DO NOT wait for an invitation! I got my car in early March. I signed up for school in June but had to cancel, went just last week.

Guess what - yesterday the invitation came in the mail! 7 months after taking delivery!

All you need is your production number to book a slot (and they are booked pretty far out) - but must have taken delivery to attend. Also - they have cancellations all the time - so if you schedule is flexible ask to be put on the waiting list and expect a call at any moment.
As soon as I knew my VIN - I had my dealer to sing me for Spartanburg. (mid July)
They called in few days - to setup dates - I did it for after-Labor Day week.
Got delivery in CT Aug 28 and then went to Performance school (not on my M5 though).

There was a guy from CT also - his delivery was due at end of September - thus he went to school without delivered M5!

For all the hesitant people - tax on this $1,995 "free promo" is steal cheaper then fun and training you will get over there.

PROUST: 80K car. Take the delivery. If you forget anything - dealer still wants your business. He will remind...

Thanks for everyone's response
I got the silver with 2 tone black/silverstone. expect to take deliver any day this week. i still have some question about program the key. so please help.
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