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Suspension PSS9's or Dinan?

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Anyone have experience with the PSS9's I know there are knob adjustments as well as height adjustment. Anyone have any input re: ride quality/handeling?
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Have you considered KW?

I have purchased and installed the KW Variant 1 as I knew I would never try to mess with damper settings. They offer 2 other versions with more adjustability if you'd like.

The car now handles infinite times better than stock, which is saying a lot considering the M5 is a fine handling car from the factory. Body roll is almost totally reduced and steering response is amazing.

Ride quality has remained very close to stock. Very solid and confidence inspiring on the highway, while very accommodating and willing to respond to back road tomfoolery.

The KWs are easily height adjustable and provide a good range of ride heights.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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