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Does the clicking noise sound like a metallic crunching or snapping type noise? My '01 now has almost 70,000 on it and I've taken it in periodically over the last 40k miles and complained about a similar noise and they have not been able to fix it. I thought mine might be coming from the rear end, but am not sure (too much loud music in my life). But I've had lots of suspension parts and new sway brackets etc. replaced and the NOISE is still there. As most know, the sway brackets are particularly flimsy, and some fellow board members have come up with a good replacement part (please email me; lost your address!). No, I didn't wanna get a new M5 b/c of that suspension noise, but I can sure sympathize. When I go in next time I'll note it and see what my extended warranty company and new non-dealer BMW shop has to say about it. Hope it's just a minor irritation to you like me. Cheers and good luck.
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