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Supersrpint plans for the V-10

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This sounds promosing!

"I just have no informations about the time schedule of the development of our new M5 exhaust.

I confirm you that we'll make a full exhaust, including headers + metallic cats, that's for sure.

Due to the V10 BMW engine design, our headers will definetly have some F1, specific race exhaust features, expecially in the merge collector area.

The whole development & testing process will require no less than 4 full weeks; I extimate now that it will start sometimes in late April, early May."
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Thats very cool Gustav,

But the Stock Headers on the E60 M5 Look very intricate and cool. They look hard to improve upon.

Can I mention the four letter T word in this thread? ;)

Cats back looks like it is all you would need on the E60.
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