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Supersprint exhaust without X- pipe

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I've researched the board, but was unable to find the answer. My question is, are SS mufflers by themselves louder than stock? Also any resonance?

I've searched for sound clips, but can only find them with X-pipe and mufflers, not mufflers alone. Any links appreciated.

I'm only looking for a bit louder than stock.

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Hi Sublimaze,

I can't comment on Supersprint specifically, because I've never heard them in person. However, I've recently had Eisenmann race exhaust and the X-pipe installed on my 2001. I've also heard the Eisenmanns without an X-pipe. Let me tell you, in my case the X-pipe made a huge difference. I thought the exhaust was not much louder than stock and was frankly disappointed. With the X-pipe on it's a whole different story. I will tell you that I hear some of it in the cabin when I get on the gas, but you hear no difference at idle and, as well, cruising on the highway has no resonance. It's all personal preference but I'm thrilled with my setup. Some may find it a bit too loud, but not me.

I guess you're aware of the clips on

Best of luck.

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sub - The following is what I posted in 2002 about the SS, no x-pipe, in response to the same question:

The product sheet that came with my SS seemed to indicate that by law the SS could only be a db or 2 louder than stock. So it is relatively quiet and very refined sounding. The differences from stock are:

1. Better note (more of a burble) at idle.
2. A pleasing resonance around 1200 rpm, so pulling at moderate throttle provides a deeper, throatier note when driving gently around town.
3. Off throttle, a rumbly, contained backfire sound, very nice.
4. At full throttle a little more of everything than stock with more of a V8 sound.
5. Can't tell the difference at highway cruising speeds, which for me is good.

It is more subtle than any other M5 exhausts I've heard, so you need to figure out if that'll make you happy.
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