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It is with a very heavy heart i am selling these, i do buy and sell rare alloys, but these beauties were for me to re lip eventually and keep as they are so rare. I drove over to Germany to buy these, 1100 miles 2 days and £500 in expenses, just to have them.

A little bit of history on these wheels, the guy i purchased them from had a collection of about 25 personal BMW's in a museum come house and loved the cars, all were classic stuff from the 80's and 90's. He purchased these wheels back in 2000 direct from Hartge Germany and has the original Pirelli Pzero Asimetrico tyres on them all date stamped back in 2000. There is no weathering, cracks or any defects on the tyres, these were stored in his house, which is obviously heated, They have been driven about 1500/2000 miles in the last 14 years as they are the same tyres they were supplied new with and still retain about 6.5mm of tread on all 4 tyres, they were supplied new with black centres and chrome lips (look polished but are chrome). All 4 wheels are near mint except for the front which has a tiny chip where the chrome has chipped of, but no kerbing on any of them, although it has the original OZ tool to remove the centre cap and the centre caps are metal and fit perfectly they are not originals.

These wheels only ever come up for sale every 3/4 years and comand serious money hence i am very reluctant to sell these cheapily

these wheels will never loose their value and will only go up yearly

SPECS: 8.5 & 9.5 x 18 et13 & et21
Tyres: 245/40/18 and 275/35/18

Price collected £2400 + postage if going abroad and no splitting tyres

Contact 07767 66 55 44 UK

The pics of them fitted to the M3 is 9.5 & 11 x 18

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