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Suggestions on Leather change?

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Any suggestions on this weird issue.....

My Jet Black has the Imola Red Sport interior and the optional Bruyere Club trim.

I'll post a picture from the build-your-own after I post this message (assuming I can figure out how to do so!).

Turns out that I love the bruyere and i love the red inserts. However, they really don't look that great together.

I'd like to fix one or the other. From what I can tell, the alternative to the wood is the aluminum, and I'm pretty sure (based on the WWW site images et. al.) that I won't like that much at all.

So I'm considering replacing or staining the red leather (to black, of course). I'd like to hear from folks as to whether or not they think (a) this is feasible (b) advisable and (c) if a and b, whether they recommend how I might go about it (ie: dealer, reputable shop, whatever). I've not talked to my dealer.

I'm not particularly interested in selling it and ordering a new one. Too much hassle, too much waiting, too much taxes.

Any advice appreciated.

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i wouldnt stain it as you can have lots of problems with cleaners, etc.

Currently it looks like:

Desired look:

In case everybody hadn't seen the Sport interior before.

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Just get an all black interior- while many here like the 2 tone interiors- many dont like them and if you ever have to sell I can tell you the 2 tone interior thing will be a sticking point. dont take this as an attack on them- I like the look- but this is a market reality.


Alea iacta est. The beast was delivered many moons ago and now has 7000+ miles on it.

So changing the order isn't much of an option ;-)

I'm looking for advice on how to fix/modify it now that the horse is already out of the barn.


You could always try to replace with the Walnut Trim, which may not clash quite the same.

That's going to be really tough to do, because you're looking at replacing the red leather on the door panels, which have VERY potent airbags behind them.

Even a qualified leather shop probably wouldn't touch the door panels. You have to be very careful with them when working on the doors.

Maybe you could get away with a leather shop replacing the red inserts in the seats and ordering 4 new door panels?

Be prepared to pay for the door panels...I can only guess they will be VERY expensive.

Thought about carbon fiber trim? It would
prbably look great with your black/red interior.
Replace the trim(wood)would be the safest bet. As Chris said, who knows what would happen when the Side Air Bags deployed(which is an incident all of us would like to avoid), if you have previously taken the panels off, dined them, and put them back(extra dine color will "thicken" the leather). Air Bags may NOT deploy properly.

Andy Kuo
Thought about carbon fiber trim? It would prbably look great with your black/red interior.
i wasn't aware of a trim other than the two woods and the brushed aluminum. is there a fourth i'm not aware of?

i looked at the site and couldn't find any mention of a fourth.

It is an aftermarket kit made by AC Schnitzer. I've never seen it in person ,
but pictures show it to be a dull black.It is
supposedly indesructible.Again,IMHO it would look good for your color scheme .The downside is
that it is quite expensive probably 2k dollars for the whole kit.
go to and click on the AC Schnitzer link the scroll to the bottom.
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