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Suede Headliner/Rear Deck + A/B Pillars $350

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So here's the story: I had a buyer for these 4 pieces and I built a custom box (took me 3 hours) and shrink-wrapped everything together to protect the suede pieces. Buyer has since backed out from buying one of the pieces which has left me with this stuff ready to ship out and I don't want to separate it because of the way I built/srink-wrapped the box. This will have to go greyhound and shipping costs on these items from Spokane to New York for example was around $75 so figure to the West Coast somewhere around $50-60 and somewhere around $70-80 to the East Coast.

What is included:
- Suede Headliner with oh-sh*t handles, map lights and visor lights. Does NOT include the sunroof motor cover/homelink.
- Suede rear deck/shelf with all pieces to install
- Suede/Leather B Pillars
- Suede A Pillars

$350+ Actual Shipping