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I had to get my 65's redone as they were in terrible condition. These guys were recommended by a detailer on the Eastside and Strictly BMW.

Price was $325/wheel for full stripping, truing, black powdercoating, and paint. They came out a little brighter than I wanted, but that was due to my preference for an even finish. Fewer coats of silver will yield a darker color but there may be areas where the silver looks splotchy.

Sound Wheel Works offers a lifetime warranty on the work (save for any curbing or wear/tear). I figured the finish on my OEM wheels wore off so I might as well pay for a refinish and if it fails again get it redone on warranty rather than buy another set of wheels. I will be taking one wheel back as it looks like a small spot may be wearing prematurely so we will see if they honor the warranty.

quick before and after. Full album is here

The lighting in the shots is way different so the refinished wheels look even brighter but in reality they are not that far off.
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