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If you want to refresh the look of your old M5 rims, or if you have an E60 M-sport / M-tech and looking for a nice set of M5 rims, then these are for you. They are not for an X-drive or xi car or SUV. They are staggered with 8.5 in the front and 9.5 in the rear. Here are the basic stats.

Series Model Size ET Kg
5er E60+ M5 8,5x19 front ET 12 13.27
9,5x19 back ET 28 13.27

These are from a 2006 M5 and sat in a basement for 8 years. The original owner got a new set under warranty not long before selling the car to second owner. Second Owner bought new RadEnergie rims and tires and stashed the nearly new style 166s in the basement. I bought the car and I don't need them, so I'm selling.
The estimate is probably around 500 miles on the rims - definitely < 1000 miles. There are continental tires on them, but I'm selling the rims. The tires aren't worth the bother.
Brand new, the rims are selling for over US$2500 plus shipping. These are up for sale at $1250 plus shipping. I have 4 right-sized boxes and packing materials ready to go. So, who wants them?

The second picture shows the clean clean clean back view (You can see the reflection of the spokes in the barrel. There is copper anti-seize around the hub - because 8 years in a basement, right? You can see that they are BBS forged rims. Finally that picture shows the only real blemish on otherwise near-pristine rims.


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