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Evening all,

About 3 weeks ago I started to get a intermittent fault with my left front dipped beam. The car would sometimes say there was a failure and sometimes it would just work, the error got more frequent until last week I had enough.

Went to my garage and pulled out the front LCI lights that have been gathering dust for about a year. I had already done the rears about 3 years ago but thought the front looked like too much of a hassle with the replumbing of the plug. During this time I did however make up a P&P harness for PRE LCI -> LCI lights so that in my head it made it rather plug and play.

Snap forward to the current day.

The drivers side headlight is working perfectly as before, the passenger side however is still suffering from the dipped beam issue.

I did plug the passenger light into the drivers side to see if the light was faulty but that worked fine, I done this again the other way around and the car still moaned that there is a dipped beam failure on that side.

Now having spent some time playing around with this I'm struggling to work out why this isnt working. I've checked and double checked my wiring against WDS and the retrofit guide and they are correct.

Only other thing that springs to mind is that the LM is on the way out as it was very odd for the dipped beam to go when I was pre lci and it still to not work now.

I dont have the coding software setup on my laptop at the moment to reset the LM back to standard but that is my next adventure.

Any other ideas guys? Help!
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