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Strange behaviour at high speed - clutch slip?

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I have been enjoying my beast recently and I did a few (when and where possible) high-speed runs. Typically, the traffic did not allow me to really let it go as fast as possible, and I had to start braking from speeds around 260-270 km/h.

Once, however, I have managed to let it run long enough and I have experienced a very unpleasant and unexpected halt (loss of power) at speed around 275 km/h (on the dial) ... so my natural reaction was to release the gas pedal and slow down. Since then I have never tried to get to that speed again - as you can imagine I have got a little worried!

Could this be the speed limiter? My car is supposed to be delimited!

Could this be a clutch slip? I presume that the load on the whole drive-train is enormous at these speeds!

BTW, the car is very stable at those speeds (probably thanks to PSS9) and the engine was still pulling hard, i.e. it does not take many seconds to get to these speeds from some 150 km/h ;)

any similar experiences?

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The speed limiter cuts the fuel gradually but effectivley. This causes the car to stop accelerating but effectivley rock between 155 and 157 mph - for example. This is quite gentle but noticeable. It is nowhere near as violent as hitting the rev limiter.

If it were clutch slip im sure you would have noticed it. At those kind of speeds with those kinds of wind pressures I would expect the rev's to be shooting up as the clutch slipped.

I would say that you were on the speed limiter.

My elementary explanation of course.

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