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I bought an E28 M5 last summer, and have been driving it since....with a really stiff clutch. The fellow that had it before me replaced the master cylinder, slave, and the hydraulic line at the master cylinder. The clutch is EXTREMELY STIFF...Its not too bad around town I guess, but in traffic, its a bear. I checked the part numbers of the master and slave, and they check out...I was thinking that maybe he put a slave or master in from a 3 series, or something with a less-beefy clutch. Doesnt seem to be the case.

I checked for broken springs at/near the clutch pedal inside the car, and also checked the metal brackets up there near the pedals to see if anything was cracked...doesnt appear to be.

Any ideas what would cause this? I was thinking maybe a sport pressure plate? I have also heard that a failing pressure plate will get stiff...I'm not sure if this is true.

I bought a new slave cylinder, just so I could throw parts at it, but i havent put it in yet. I hate throwing parts at a problem. Any new ideas? Thanks.


-E24 M635 (Rebuilt)
-E28 M5 (Rebuilt)
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