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Anyone else had this problem, and if so how do you get over it?

My M5 has been sitting on the drive and has not moved for the last two weeks, weather has been cold, wet with snow thrown in for good measure.

Went out in the M today and before it could move off the drive the brake pads appear to have rusted to the rotors, (all OEM). As gently as possible lifted the clutch to get some forward motion and you could hear and feel the pads/rotors seperate, (not a nice sound).

I did about 40miles and all the time when braking you could feel some brake shudder, I put this down to either a rust mark indented/raised on the rotors or a problem with the pads.

Will this go away with use as they both wear down or will new pads be required?

Hopefully this problem will all see itself ok in a few weeks time when we move home and I gain myself a nice double garage. But in the meantime,,, any ideas?:cheers:
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