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Bought this from another member on this board, never got around to installing it. Decided I didn't really want it. 125+shipping.

Included in kit(as per

The StealthOne product includes the following items:
• The StealthOne module
• A 2 ft RJ-11 modular Power Cable. This cable connects between the Valentine One® accessory port and StealthOne.
• A second 2 ft RJ-11 modular Interface Cable with an additional black wire attached. The single wire connects to your automobile’s I-BUS and the modular cable serves as the auxiliary programming port for future programming and/or accessories.
• Tie wraps (Not included, can be found at any hardware store)
• Red 3M T-Tap connector (Not included, StealthOne does not recommend the use of this anymore. See bottom of page 9 of instructions, attached)

The rest of the stuff was sent to me by the previous owner, I'm guessing for the install of the StealthOne on other cars.

The only thing wrong with it is the clip on one side of the RJ-11 cable with the Interface Cable is broken off. (See picture)


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