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Dear friends,

For the 3rd time I am screwed. I forced my dealer to contact Germany today.

My car is still coded 155 and have received a chassie number. Germany
(of course) claims there are no corrections/modifications to be made but they stock all european M5s until the launch April 9. Sweden will not make an official launch and this means that my car and others will be shipped
after the 9th of April in order to reach the end customers late April.

Ashok were kind enougt to post delivery codes as of below. Thanx!

So, another month of waiting makes me nuts!


0 Order deleted by NA
17 Order not Specified
37 Order is at BMW NA
87 Production Week Assigned
97 Order sent to AG
100 Order deleted by AG
101 Error in data transmitted
102 Special Order (no Prod Week)
105 Order out of Prod. Period
111 Order Accepted at AG
112 Order scheduled for Production
150 Production Started
151 Body Shop Started
152 Paint Shop Started
153 Assembly Started
155 Production Completed
160 Released to Distribution
168 AG Stock
170 Waiting Workshop
172 Planned for Workshop
174 Workshop Entry
176 Workshop Complete
180 Waiting for Export Dispatch
181 Waiting for Domestic Dispatch
182 AG Load No. -- Released to Carrier
190 Dispatched ex(port?) BMW AG
191 Returned to BMW AG
193 Arrived at Port of Exit
194 Selected for Shipment
195 Shipped from Port of Exit
196 Shipment Arrival -- ATA

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EKAN, I feel with you...

...same d*** situation!:sad2: grrrrrrr :crying:
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