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With "header-gate" going on, I wanted to post something about buying parts in general.

First of all, I want to sincerely pass my best wishes to those in a bad place here, and offer any assistance that we can give. I *HATE* to see things like this go down, and it happens all too often, more then the public will ever know. :sad2:

As to the issue with the headers, as Sean (Supercharged) started to open the door in another thread, I will follow here. Buying product based on price and customer service is a great equation as another vendor pointed out. However, price is not really the factor, it is VALUE. Value takes price into consideration, but it is not solely based on that factor alone. Also, IMHO customer service is about pre-sale service, during-sale service and post-sale service.

Our philosophy is to NEVER sell ANYTHING unless we have 100% verification that there is a proper fit and guaranteed quality. As for the M5, we did a European Car magazine article with the first set in the US. This was the only way to insure that our customers would not have any issue later. Simply letting a customer be a test-mule and then returning their money once they tried to install and could-not was not an option for us.

Our motto is to test, test and test. We are a FULL facility with a dyno, FACTORY trained BMW techs and test products street and track. You may pay a little more for a product we sell and you may pay a little more from us, but you will be assured it will fit.

That being said, every company has problems (we certainly have had some and will have more), and it is great that those who were injured here are being taken care of. However, just do a search for how many times Bill and I said that you will more then make up the difference in price when it comes to the installation as for the RD v. SS issue.

Net/net, there are a lot of options when buying your parts. And you can decide to buy from those that sell using the approach or those that sell using a Nordstroms approach. We are a Nordstroms - good value, real experience with product, good value and great pre, during and post sale service. Niche parts for a specialty sports car cannot be effectively sold in a commody-based model IMHO.

But of course I could be wrong, I sold Sirius at 2.50 a while ago and missed the Howard bubble. :crying2:

As we move into 2005, I hope that there can be more honesty and less hype in the marketing of new products for our joys.

The reason that Simon and I started evosport and left the corporate world was to enjoy our passion full time, share our joy and offer the best value we could. I know there are others that share this view on sales and have a like-minded view on company culture. However, sadly, there are some that will simply sell anything they can get their hands on, and tell you it is the next bext thing. This should be discouraged, and the vendors that offer that added value should be supported - or else they will disappear - PERIOD!

Now, let's all get back to the holiday cheer! :cheers:



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Well I think it boils down to is this.

Who do you trust…

The mechanic who dosent care about price only that it works .. and works well

Or the smooth talking used car salesman who is motivated by margin and never even driven the car

At the end of the day is it a price driven market or commodity driven one?

I guess that’s why eBay is so successful.. then again I certainly wouldn’t buy headers from them.
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