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Well, I bought it as a driver. It has 88k miles and (supposedly) has many of the common things already done to it. I just got it back from my local German specialist today and am expecting a long and expensive list of things to work on. First and foremost is the exhaust: the last guy straight-piped it. It is obnoxious, although I know that some folks like that. It’s just that the drone in the cabin gives me a splitting headache - I guess I’m just too old for that level of foolishness, even though I must still have plenty in me because I bought one of these!

Overall, my changes will be minor and towards OEM look/feel/sound. I have already replaced the rear emblem, center caps, and wheel stickers (you can see the old faded caps in the pic above). I bought chrome kidneys, but I’m sending them back because the black ones have grown on me. The previous owner smoked the fog, side, and tail lamps, and I think I will stay with that as well. I might throw a light tint on it eventually, in keeping with the darkened look. And yes, the Sterling has the most understated, yet richly fluid look - it’s great.

I really do thoroughly enjoy driving this car. I test drove an off-lease one in ’04 or ‘05 and loved it then, so when this one presented itself, I jumped at it. I find myself looking back at it when walking away and looking for it when going out. I also find I “discover” things that we need from the store and errands to run that may not be all that important at the time (wink, wink).

Thanks for the warm welcome, and I look forward to my journey with this car.

Take care…
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