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Had been out sailing with a friend to the "Kullavik"-harbour in southwestern Sweden.

Upon catching a ride with his brother in order to get back to my car in "Hjuvik" I spotted a E60 M5 outside the "Signalen" grocerystore at about 17.25. The car had wheels that looked 20" atleast! Not BMW-Original either!

I guess it must be you Cidair because I think someone I know used to be your neighbour, If so u where about 300 meters from home.
Now, don't get freaked out, I just have an eagleeye for certain types of cars and I also recognize your house from some of your pictures. :3:

However, my second E60M5 spotting in the Gothenburgh-area! First was boardmember "klas". Nice to see the ladies rollin'! :thumbsup:

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