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Spartenburg 6/12-13

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Anybody else here going to be in Spartenburg on Mon/Tues June 12-13?
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Was going but it seemed that the more i checked this out the more expensive it became
$399 round trip air for 2. a 1099 for $1200
which amounts to $500 fed tax. then a South
Carolina deivery tax for $300. Add to this the extra mileage I would put on my new M5 on long return trip. Plus I Dont like to Golf???? Seems a little much for a cheap thrill.
I'm a little confused. You're buying round trip airfare for two...AND driving your M5 back from Spartanburg? ...and I had read that the Spartanburg experience consisted of a day of instruction and hands-on driving of M5's owned by the Performance Center, and then a day's road trip to Asheville in other BMW's (also owned by the performance center). I was unaware that golf was part of the package (I don't play golf either).

Interesting. The Spartanburg experience available at "no cost" for new M5 owners is a considered a taxable benefit, and requires delivery of one's new M5 to the Spartanburg facility? I had expected to receive this opportunity at no cost whatsoever, had planned to have my M5 delivered to the local (Atlanta) dealership, and had planned to drive another one of my cars to Spartanburg (if my M5 is not yet broken in).

If my understanding is not correct, it's not a show stopper, but I'm not playing golf in any event.

Air Fare is for wife and I one way. would not want to drive a vehicle there and then
drive both back to Indy. No special priced
air for one way. Round trip from Indy was
800 plus per person. Was told by Dreyer
Reinbold dealer in Indy that i Would get a 1099 for 1200 since it had that value?? and would be taxable income. not so free eh?
I was still going whats a few more bucks after spending 75k. Then the straw that broke
the camels back was a letter from state of SC
the law says you will pay a 300$ use tax?
Pretty tacky if you ask me. Have you not been advised of this.???
You do not have to pick up your car there. You get to drive their M5's. A comparable course would cost about $1200 but not with M5's. EVERYONE I've heard from has said it was and incredible experience. I personally can't wait. I'm going a day early (to stay over a Sat night and save $1K per ticket) and pay $99 for the hotel. I think it's not bad to spend <$1K out of pocket and have a weekend on BMW playing with M cars! So I say go for it!
BTW, I've had my car 2 1/2 months and picked it up in Ca.
From what I've experienced at Spartanburg the trip is well worth the few bucks. I've seen grown men talk about their sessions with the enthusiasm of a 10 year old.

The drive is what this car is all about. I plan to take delivery from my dealer, then after the break-in period I'm heading south ~700 miles non-stop. (except for petrol maybe oil) :-(

It may not be practical from California, so fly in. You will not regret it.

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