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South Africa's drives the BMW M5 Touring

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What's it about?
Station wagons surely are designed to be functional rather than masculine, but some will definitely give even the odd sports coupe a run for its money.
Audi Avants are, style-wise, in a league of their own, and even BMW's own 3 Series Touring is appealing. Unfortunately, none of these are as masculine or as imposing as the BMW M5 Touring - at least until the Audi RS6 Avant arrives in South Africa.
And "masculine" is arguably also the correct adjective to use as this "station wagon's" athletic appearance, quad tailpipes and M5 badging signal cruel intentions.
An extension of the M5 model range, which fired all the petrolheads' cylinders when the sedan was launched in 2005 with a five-litre V10 engine, the Touring is a bit of an oddity in the local market in that it is the only 5 Series Touring offered here.
And it comes at a princely price tag of R1 050 000...
But bear in mind that the M5 has all the credentials of being an outstanding executive super car.

As a package, the Touring is great as it gives near-identical performance to the sedan, but with the advantage of extra carrying capacity.
Also, if an arresting appearance is more your thing, this M5 comes with a variety of genuine go-faster bits, including front and rear airdams, side intakes and enough shiny M detailing to leave most salivating. Looking good, after all, is half the job done.
The other half is experiencing first-hand what many know as the most powerful letter in the alphabet... Even a wayward transmission won't spoil that experience.

Adds a different dimension to the usual frumpy station wagon image

A hopelessly inadequate SMG 'box"


So does Chuck Norris want this car :hihi:
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I was just about to add.. the .ZA on websites is South African ..

Otherwise nice article .. :)
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