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Source for Alpina disks and pads?

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On my 01 D 10 Touring one of the Alpina brake calipers, (manufactured by Brembo) is sticking. I bought seals and "o" rings from Alpina at a ridiculous cost. I will need a new brake disc and pads. does anyone know of a source for these without going back to Alpina. They want 250 Euros for the pads!
Christopher Jones
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You could check with someone like . They carry our calipers but should be able to provide you with pads for the Brembo calipers as well. I know that most brake pad companies will have an offering for most of the Brembo calipers and will be able to provide a pad that suits your driving style. if eXact France is not able to help, they should be able to send you in the right direction.

Talk to Olivier and tell him Todd from Outlaw suggested that you contact them.
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