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I'm doing this in steps but there is some progress as of today.

I cut the tape out wires (blue/yellow) and attached quick connects to them (I even did the ones on the monitor side in case cassette makes a comeback :)).

I took apart a Radio Shack RCA-to-stereo jack and soldered quick connects to match the tape out ones. Now I had female RCAs behind the monitor.

I ran 2 sets of cables from the front behind the monitor to the trunk. One set is just stereo (red/white) to send audio from trunk to tape input, and the other set is A/V (red/white/yellow) to send A/V from the iPhone to the trunk.

I removed the cup holders and notched the tray for the Apple composite A/V cable.

With cup holders back in...

With dock attached...

iPhone in dock...

It is easy to hit the screen on the phone, and the phone is not blocking any buttons on the console. The drivers side cup holder is still usable.

I still need to wire up the line driver in the trunk and the video portion of this project (Nav-TV, DVD).

Hope this helps...


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