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I took some pictures at E class presentation last week.
I have to say I was very impressed with its' external and internal design, it looks modern and classy still, very recognizable as an E with its' 4 separate headlamps. It is a much better solution than the one C/S class employ.
Silver car is an Avantgarde, with sports lowered suspension, bigger wheels, BiXenon headlights and diode rear clusters as standard. This one has this all-black sunroof, similar to SL's panoramic roof I think. The silver is great, it is very light,
close to white under bright light.
Two other cars are Elegance, with different trim, wheels and other details. One was dark gray metallic and the other dark blue/black metallic, both colours suited the car well, made it look smaller.
Overall the car has a lot in common with the new SL, it is very streamlined, it has a sharper nose than an outgoing model, rakish windscreen and C pillar pushed far back to give the profile the sporty and light appearance.

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