Hello everybody!
To begin with, of course, I do not know what to do with the delivery of the goods I have offered, but perhaps this can be solved somehow...
That's what I have and would like to sell:
1. Rear 2-seater seat in black leather from BMW m5 e34. The original leather is in good condition, no updates and new pieces. The shock absorber on the central glove compartment is available in the kit, the headrests are also included. They just didn't get into the photo, I found them in the garage a little later. The price is $2,300.
2. A set of leather interior elements for BMW e34: a console with a box for storing audio cassettes, a beard for wooden inserts, a driver's glove compartment, a passenger's glove compartment, door handles. The price is $900.
3. A set of electric head restraints for rear passengers: wiring, control unit, buttons, belt locks with actuators and the mechanisms themselves. The price is $350.

The ideal thing for me is to sell everything together, of course, but it's not necessary. I am ready to answer any questions, record a video and take additional photos of the product
Communication via personal messages or WhatsApp.