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Since owning my m5 for a few months, shortly after buying i noticed a whirring/whining sound coming from the drivers side front, (not engine related) which seemed worse when in a hard corner or after a lot of twisty bends. I naturally assumed this was the wheel bearing however it has gone away again.
I still have wobbles in the steering at about 50mph and above, but again these are intermittent (and i would say separate from the issue with play in the steering box).
Anyway I bought a replacement hub and bearing from BMW for £200!! OUCH, i've not yet fitted it- In the future i will replace the front EDC shocks as BMW told me they are too bouncy on P setting. I know from looking at this car that it'd be necessary to replace the front wheel bearings at this point however do you reckon it's best for me to replace the wheel bearing now, and then of course replace both front bearings and suspension at a later date or just wait, buy 2 front shocks and another hub bearing when I can afford it?
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